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Category:Jet Aircraft
Model:FALCON 50
Serial No:28
Registration No:N752JC
A/C Total Time:14280
Sale Price:$.00
Monthly Lease Price:Call
Fractional Ownership:N/A


Outstanding Features
Total Time: 14,280 hrs – Recent West Star C-Check, latest EX-Paint, latest EX-Interior & Falcon CPCP 30
year life extension completed to year 2040. N752JC is an X-major Bank owned Falcon 50 - with millions spent
prior to purchase, including Latest Univeral 890 Glass Cockpit EFIS, and now, $500,000 just invested on
latest FANS 1A+ CPDLC Upgrades; including dual WAAS LPV FMSs, new TCAS 7.2, certified ADSB-Out
and new Global Internet and Wifi, latest Iridium Satcom - voice & data, UniLink and new Digital CVR

Paperless Cockpit: Cockpit is hard-wired with 4 Certified USB Ports for the custom yoke-mounted mini-ipads,
iphones, etc. providing crew with dedicated power for their Paperless Cockpit. LIVE Graphical National
weather, available all phases of flight on the mini-ipads (ADSB), with GEO Referenced LIVE TAXI, GEO
Referenced (all) Maps and Approach Plates. In addition, N752JC is fully NextGen Compliant through 2020
and beyond -with International Graphical Global Weather and all weather briefings, oceanic clearances, flight
plans, automatic position reports, etc., Internationally, all data and ATC communications arrives, or is sent
through the digital cockpit via CPDLC/ACARS and UniLink utilizing the Iridium Global Satcom Data System –
or Nationally, through its brand new, economical dedicated UniLink Data connected 4th VHF Radio.
N752JC has the latest Glass Cockpit from Universal - a million dollar upgrade installed by
the prestigious WestStar Aviation – a 4 Tube EFIS – 890 Panel – it is upgradable to Synthetic Vision.
This year, the Universal Avionics were upgraded again to full International FANS 1A+, CPDLC/ACARS, with
Universal Data UniLink, the latest FAA Mandated TCAS 7.2 Upgrade, Certified NextGen 2020 ADSB-OUT,
new Dual Universal WASS FMS’s – with all LPV Approaches, new Iridium Satcom Phones and Data – two
Satcom Handsets (one in cockpit), new Global Internet with Cabin Wifi.
The jet has latest, dual Digital VHF radios, with remote digiat tuners, a 3rd VHF Standby Radio, dual Oceanic
HF radios with SELCAL – (for areas without CPDLC), Honewywell EGPWS, dual Digital Air Data Computers
(ADCs) - not the old, slow and obsolete INSs – upgraded dual Digital AHARS, XM Radio, Honeweywell
Airshow, Digital Cabin Announcments – for Turbulence, Seatbelts etc, low heat and low power LED Internal
lighting and external wing recognition lights, and numerous cockpit and cabin upgrades.
The jet was beautifully painted at the time of the extensive C-Check in the latest EX paint scheme and looks
sharp. This year, $20,000 was spent improving the paint in high-wear areas. The Falcon’s leading edges have
been professionally maintained since new – they are super shiny and show no signs of pitting.
N752JC the latest Falcon “EX” interior with hi-tech LED lighting throughout, a new Falcon “S” style Galley
design, that shows like new. The Cabin is all digitally controlled with XM Satelite radio, new Honeywell Airshow
computer system, with separate Dual DVDs with 2 independent 20” screens. The cabin chairs are
serviced by eight 110 volt outlets and numerous USB Ports. There is Global Internet and wifi throughout the
Cabin – Password Protected. The cabin system has I-pod, i-pad and i-phone AUX connectivity. The Galley’s
large custom pantry (holds catering and/or 18+ meals) for long-haul trips like no other Falcon 50, due to large
amounts of cabinet space freed-up, by going paperless. Full French crystal, silverware and crockery. Large,
modern private bathroom at rear of jet with custom vanity, storage, 110V Outlet, hot & cold pressure water.
Inspection Status/Misc:
N752JC is maintained on CAMP. The NEW 3D engines are on MSP GOLD. The recent “C” Check and
Dassault CPCP program was completed at the same time as the extensive avionics systems upgrades.
The C-check included O/H of the “S” duct, with millions invested in dozens of upgrades - including
approximately $1,000,000 (one million) alone on the Universal 890 EFIS Glass Cockpit; it took nearly two
years to complete all the upgrades, avionics, paint and interior mods.
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